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MG Simulators supply fixed based simulators designed to accelerate and support the training process for conversion onto new aircraft or for sim assessments for new hire pilots.

Flight Training School


Flight training schools take advantage of our fixed based simulators and recognize that Familiarization, advanced training and Introduction to Glass Cockpits has become a “Base” requirement.



Flight experience simulators are also supplied by M G Simulators, these are used within the entertainment industry, movie props, TV filming or trade shows.

Sim Enthusiasts


Are you looking for a turn key simulator for use at home? MG Simulators have 15+ years of simulator experience. If you would like your own pane in your man/women cave please contact us to discuss your custom build.

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High ROI potential

MG Simulators will add a new source of revenu to your flying school; no bad weather days and enviromently freindly.

Expand your training capabilities with advance avionics and the latest navigation systems.

Try before you fly

Our simulators will allow your aspiring pilots to become familiar with the cotpit setup and layout. 

Fly them from your chosen airfeild and take them through the layout of your site.

Trusted expert support

Feel confident that your MG Simulator will be supported from the day you first fly. 

MG Simulator support representative will always be able to answer every question or concern regarding your simulator.

Extensive experience

MG Simulaotrs are backed with the 20+ year simulator knowlage.

We work closely with pilots and instructors to ensure we have the most realisit experience in all our simulators.

Helicopter / Fixed wing

MG Simulaotrs supply both fixed wing and rotory simulaotrs. 

Wheather your requirments are a A320, 737-800 or a Bell 407 Helicoper we can build a simulaotor to meet your specification.

Finance availible 

MG Simulaotrs offer finance on all our Simulaotrs over **

Spread the initial investment, and forcast your costs.

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